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  After working with travel agencies for four years in the Dalaman, Fethiye, Kaş and Kalkan areas, we decided to form our own company in 1991 doing the Tourism Transportation business for the Fethiye area.  At this time there were no other companies doing this type of business.

  In the Summer of 1992 we began to do the Tourism Transportation business plus car hire, covering Dalaman, Fethiye, Kaş and Kalkan.  In 1995 we became a Class A Group Travel Agency.

  In 1994 we were awarded the Avis Franchise for the Fethiye area and opened up an Office.  To date we give the Avis Standard car hire service for the areas aforementioned.

In the year 2000 we were fixers for Free Form Productions in the filming of the programme “A Place In The Sun” which advertises properties in Fethiye, Ölü Deniz, Kaya Köy and Kaş.  We worked once more with Free Form Productions in 2003 for the filming of a second “A Place In The Sun” showing properties in Çaliş, Kalkan and Kaş Town and the Peninsula.

In November 2003 we entered into the estate agency business and have already successfully guided many couples and families smoothly through the process of buying their dream home in Turkey.